4 Benefits of Living in Gated Communities Instead of Single Housing Units

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When selecting a home for rent, you can find it difficult to decide whether you should live in a gated community or a single housing unit. Below are some of the benefits that you will enjoy when you choose to live in a gated community instead of single housing units.

Social amenities

Gated communities have numerous social amenities for residents. Some of these include retail stores, parks, playgrounds, clubhouses and daycare facilities.  These ensure that the guests are comfortable and can access any service that they need without leaving the gated community. If you decide to live in a single housing unit, you will have to locate each of these amenities independently and this can be costly if the house is some distance from the nearest town. 

Reduced maintenance costs

When you decide to rent or purchase a single housing unit, you will be responsible for all the maintenance costs. This is in addition to the amount that you will have to spend on utilities such as electricity and water. However, most of the maintenance costs are shared across the tenants living in a gated community. In most cases, there is usually a maintenance crew whose only duty is to ensure that all the houses and the compound within the gated community are always in perfect condition. 

An ideal social environment to bring up kids

Gated communities provide an ideal environment to bring up your children. This is because they are secure and also provide an opportunity for children to interact with their age mates, which helps in their development.

Compliance with regulatory requirements

There are regulatory requirements that determine which type of houses should be constructed in particular areas and the type of materials that should be used. When a landlord is building a single unit, some of these factors can be ignored, especially when they cannot be easily noticed. However, construction of gated communities requires a significant investment and the developers will make sure they comply with all regulatory requirements. This is to protect their investments and prevent inconveniences that can arise when the authorities conduct an investigation and find some conditions have not been fulfilled. 

Additional factors that you can take into consideration include your budget and the location of the housing units. The best approach, therefore, involves getting an experienced housing agent who will take time to listen to what you need before presenting you with the available options.


23 February 2018

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