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A real estate agent will help you find and purchase the home of your dreams. As a buyer, you need to vet the real estate agent before enlisting his or her services. It ensures you have a good understanding of the services you will receive and how much you will pay. Below is a guide to help you interview your real estate agent. Here are the best questions to ask.

What Is Your Experience? 

Look for an experienced agent specialising in the sale and purchase of property in the area you intend to buy your home. Below are several benefits of working with an experienced agent:

  • An experienced agent will have long-term relationships with other real estate agents. As such, he or she will have inside information regarding which homes will be listed and the defects they may have.
  • The agent will provide first-hand information on changing zoning regulations. It may help you plan renovation once you purchase the property.
  • Experienced agents have a good understanding of real estate trends in the area. Typically, the agent can predict the low and high seasons.
  • The agent can also refer you to other real estate professionals such as conveyancers, building inspectors and mortgage brokers.

What Services Will You Provide? 

The agent should help you locate suitable properties in the area. Further, he or she should appraise the property to know whether it is reasonably priced. He or she should accompany you to home visits and bargain the asking price with the seller. The agent should also negotiate the terms of sale. For example, he or she could ask the seller to conduct renovations, provide extension permits or more.   

What Are Your Terms? 

Inquire about the agent's terms and conditions. Check whether the contract allows you to work with other agents.

When are the agent's working hours? Some agents do not work during the weekends and holidays. The agent should provide you with his or her official contact information to help prevent communication breakdown.

Check the terms of contract termination. The agent may penalise you if you cancel the contract without due cause. Additionally, you should check the agent's dispute resolution mechanisms. 

How Much Will the Service Cost?

Most agents will charge a small commission of the asking price. You should not have to incur any extra charge. There are instances when the agent may ask for a fixed fee. Regardless of the payment options, you should pay once the agent finds you a home. Remember to ask for a price cut. 

You should now have an easier time hiring a real estate agent. Examine his or her experience, services, terms and the charges.


18 June 2020

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