Don't Let Them Sink Their Teeth In: Treat Your Termites Straight Away


It is quite easy to think of problems like termites and other insect infestations as some theoretical problem that happens to other people's homes but would never affect you. After all, you keep your house clean, dust it often and keep your garden in good shape, and you've never seen any termites so you must be safe, right? Unfortunately, this is not always the case, and termites can go undetected in even the most well-kept homes. With the CSIRO predicting that 32% of all houses in Australia have termite activity, the problem is more widespread than you may have thought and requires your full attention.

But My House Can't Have Termites!

Termites do not discriminate what houses they will target. Cleanliness does not matter, and neither does the surrounding terrain and whether there are trees nearby. Termites are notoriously hardy little insects that can travel some distance in the pursuit of some fresh timber to munch on. They are found all over Australia and are not just limited to the outback; they are a problem in every one of the big coastal cities. If you think you are safe from termites because of where your house is or how clean you keep it you are wrong and being lulled into a false sense of security can cause you to miss crucial clues that could save you thousands.

Termite Inspection

As a rule of thumb, it is generally a good idea to get a termite inspection at a semi-regular basis to ensure that you they haven't developed a colony in your home. Termite inspections are very easy to arrange and don't take long. The experienced exterminator will simply do spot checks around your home and in the nooks and crannies throughout it. If there are no termites found, then that is the end of your consultation, and no fumes or chemicals are needed. While it can feel like a waste of money getting an inspection that finds nothing remember if it had found something the cost and damages would have been far greater. Think of getting a termite inspection as part of the yearly costs of insurance, and it makes it easier to swallow. 

Termite Treatment

If the expert does find signs of termites, then they will immediately begin the process of destroying the termite communities living in your home. This can be an arduous process as termites like to keep to the smaller and more confined locations in your home, such as the walls, under the floor and in the ceiling, so you may have to stay out of your home for a few days while the exterminators complete the termite treatment. Once the treatment has been applied, they will also put in preventative measures around your home and in the earth near your foundations that act as a barrier and stop future termites from coming in. Generally, if you get a termite treatment, you should also get a follow-up check in a few weeks or months to ensure the treatments have worked. 


19 July 2019

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