How to Make Sure That You Get the Right Type of Manager When You Expand Your Property Portfolio

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If you're a growing real estate investor, then you may already have a very diversified portfolio. You may be looking to expand even further though by adding a multi-family unit, such as a block of flats. In this case, however, you have some additional issues to consider, including a fairly complex management structure. Before you go ahead with this type of acquisition, what type of manager do you need to take the strain?

14 February 2018

Preparing your belongings for storage


When you think of moving house, you often imagine simply packing everything up at one end and taking it immediately to the new home. However, every move is different, and this type of single journey isn't always possible. When there's a gap between moving dates, or where there's simply too much to fit in the new location, a self-storage unit can be invaluable. Before you store your things in one of these secure spaces, you'll want to make a few simple preparations.

12 February 2018

Staging Your Home for a Successful Property Sale

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The prospect of selling your home and embarking on a new chapter of your life can be quite exhilarating. The excitement that comes with this feeling is also what makes most potential sellers optimistic about the market price that their property will fetch. Not many people actually go into a property sale assuming that they will take a loss, particularly if they have taken pains to ensure that the residence is as tiptop as possible.

5 February 2018