The Giant Northern Termite


As its name suggests, the giant northern termite is a creature that tends to be found in Australia's more tropical regions. To give it its proper name, mastotermes darwiniensisis also known as the Darwin termite because it is so often found close to that city. Part of the Blattodea order of insects which also includes cockroaches, Mastotermes darwiniensisis is often regarded as one of the most successful types of termite to have evolved because it has such a simple method of earning a living. Sometimes thought of as very primitive, Mastotermes darwiniensisis can be real nuisances, especially when they find favourable local conditions in which to reproduce.

Reproducing Giant Northern Termites

There are three types of Mastotermes darwiniensisis: workers, soldiers and alates. The latter are winged versions of the creature and, therefore, are easily distinguished. When it comes to termite extermination, it is the flying variety that you need to concentrate on because it is only the alates which reproduce. By focusing your activity on these ones, you are much more likely to deal with a colony by reducing its population over time. Alates have quite long wingspans given their overall body size. A typical one will only grow to about 35 mm in length but its wings will measure up to 50 mm across when they are fully extended for flight. When folded back, the wings of an alate will hang over the back of its abdomen so you can identify them without trouble even when they are on the ground.

Non-Reproducing Giant Northern Termites

Unlike the aforementioned alates, soldier and worker giant northern termites are not able to bear offspring. The soldiers can offer quite a nip with their powerful jaws but are no more than a nuisance to humans. These grow up to about a third of the length of an alate. Worker varieties of Mastotermes darwiniensisis are a little shorter.

The Preferred Habitat of Mastotermes Darwiniensisis

When the conditions are right, Mastotermes darwiniensisis will build colonies of up to a million or so individual creatures living together. They construct their homes in the greatest numbers when the soil conditions are right, which usually means a local water supply will be close by. They favour areas with dead and rotting wood. Removing brushwood and irrigation from the local environment helps to control their numbers in a reasonably effective manner. The giant northern termite is mostly found in Australia living on agricultural land although, it can also be found in large gardens and parkland from time to time.

If you are dealing with an infestation of Mastotermes darwiniensisis, don't hesitate to call a local termite extermination company for help.


27 December 2018

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