Home Inspections You Should Have Done Before a Purchase

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Before you purchase a home, no matter its age or overall condition, you'll want to put it through a number of building inspections. Some general inspections, such as for the roof and the home's plumbing pipes, might be required by your mortgage lender, but there are other inspections that can still tell you if the home is a good value, or if you'll be looking at major repairs in the near future. Note a few suggestions on home inspections to have done before a purchase, and why they can be so important.

Heating and air conditioning

A standard home inspection might note if the furnace and air conditioner are functional, but an inspector may not actually examine those appliances thoroughly. An appliance inspection can check if an internal exchange is cracked or if the bearings of the motors are worn and failing, for example. If the furnace or air conditioner of a home are more than a few years old, it can be worth having them inspected inside and out, to note needed repairs.


As with the heating and air conditioning, a standard home inspection might check the exterior of the chimney for cracks, but a chimney inspector can check the inside of the brick for damage, soot build-up, and the like. It's also good to have the flue tested to ensure it's working and that smoke is leaving the chimney properly.

Soil stability

If you're buying  a home on a hilly lot, or if the area is prone to sinkholes, it's good to have a soil stability test done. This can note if a nearby hill might be ready to crumble and create any type of landslide, or if the soil is overly moist and sinking in any area. Moist soil can lead to damage to a home's foundation as the home itself shifts with the soil, so testing that soil before a purchase can tell you if you would need to stabilise it with lime, clay, or another solution.

Tree inspection

Decaying trees can be a hazard; branches can fall and take power lines with them, and cause damage to anything on which they land, including the home, the garage, and even your car! Trees can also be a host to termites that might eventually make their way to your home. If there are any large and mature trees on the lot of the home you're considering purchasing, it can be good to have them inspected by an arborist, to check their overall health and for any pest infestation.


21 February 2018

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