Preparing your belongings for storage


When you think of moving house, you often imagine simply packing everything up at one end and taking it immediately to the new home. However, every move is different, and this type of single journey isn't always possible. When there's a gap between moving dates, or where there's simply too much to fit in the new location, a self-storage unit can be invaluable. Before you store your things in one of these secure spaces, you'll want to make a few simple preparations. 

Pack securely

Start your packing well in advance of your move, beginning with items you don't use every day such as books or out-of-season clothing. Be sure not to overload your boxes; a box completely filled with dense items like books may be in danger of splitting or be too heavy to lift easily. Instead, put down a base layer of heavier items such as books and fill the remaining space either with packing material or with lighter items like clothes or bedding. Fill the box as completely as you can and close it securely with packing tape.  


Boxes are simple enough to move, but larger items like tables, desks and bookcases can be more of a challenge. Before putting them into storage, disassemble them to make them easier to move. Remove drawers and shelves; if possible, separate table and desk legs. Make sure you keep screws, shelf supports and any other spare pieces in clearly labelled bags; you don't want to lose them. Protect vulnerable surfaces like tabletops by wrapping them in furniture blankets; your house removals firm should be able to provide these for you. If you don't have furniture blankets, you can use old bedding. Secure it by wrapping it in stretchy plastic film. Be sure to take your tools with you when you move into your self storage unit, as you may find it convenient to reassemble bookcases or shelves to make storage easier. 

Label clearly 

You'll need to know what's in your boxes, both for retrieving items you need from storage and for when you move them out. Label each box clearly in permanent marker. Think about how you're going to stack or store your boxes; there's no point writing a box's contents on the lid if it's going to be in a stack, and there's no point in labeling only the short end if the long end will be the visible one. Keep a spare marker in your storage unit in case you need to update a box's description. 


12 February 2018

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