Staging Your Home for a Successful Property Sale

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The prospect of selling your home and embarking on a new chapter of your life can be quite exhilarating. The excitement that comes with this feeling is also what makes most potential sellers optimistic about the market price that their property will fetch. Not many people actually go into a property sale assuming that they will take a loss, particularly if they have taken pains to ensure that the residence is as tiptop as possible. Nonetheless, you may put measures in place to ensure that your home is functional but I it not aesthetically appealing, you will find it difficult to land a buyer. Not to mention, the added risk of your sale price not being matched. Here are tips that can come in handy in staging your home for a successful property sale.

Declutter your furniture pieces

When it comes to decluttering a residence for a potential sale, homeowners tend to focus on eliminating personal belonging that gives the space a character of its own. Although decluttering critical when attempting to present a blank slate to potential buyers, it is not the only form of decluttering that you should undertake. When clearing up your space for staging, you should also remove any pieces of furniture that do not add to the functionality of the area such as extra chairs, ottomans, children's furniture and whatever else you can think of that would not necessarily appeal to your potential buyers. Keep in mind that the entire reason for personal staging it to help buyers see the home as their own rather than visualise it as yours.

Paint the interiors neutral

Another tip that most people overlook when staging the home is repainting the residence. Some homeowners will assume that it is better off leaving the walls with their chosen colour scheme so that potential buyers will have the chance to repaint the property with their preferred colour selection. It may seem that repainting the home will cause the potential for double work being done, but you it is advisable to embark on this project to give potential buyers room to envision their style. If you have a focal wall or have unique colour choices for your interiors, you would be better off with having the entire home painted in a neutral palette that allows your buyers' creativity to run amok. Moreover, a fresh coat of paint would also go a long way in camouflaging minor imperfections such as cracks in walls, discolouration and so on.


5 February 2018

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